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This is WY. . .    .......... this is our home.

Come experience some of the quiet we have here........ and take a little home.

The Mountains provide peace, the Rivers & Reservoirs provide opportunity,

and the Wildlife provide challenge, for Hunters & Photographers alike.

        Yellowstone National Park is a really nice neighbor to have, as well.

OUR MOUNTAINS are by far the EASIEST in our area to ACCESS via Graveled FOREST SERVICE ROADS !!

There are Elk, Grizzlies, Big Horn Sheep, Moose, Wolves, Pronghorns, Bison,

Mountain Lions and both Mule and Whitetail name a few. 

There's trout in our Sunshine Reservoirs and Mountain Streams.

And there's friendly people all around Town.

Might catch a glimpse of a memory Butch Cassidy left behind.

Or some Antiques from the Wild West.

Taste a bit of World Famous Chocolates.........

And YES!

We have REAL Cowboys working on Horseback..... like they always did out on the range.

....or....You might even witness a Cattle Drive through Downtown!

Happens every year!

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